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Are you tired of stress? Are you looking for peace? Or maybe you just like handicrafts? We have something for you


It's perfect fun for long hours. You can arrange the picture alone in peace and quiet, allowing yourself blissful moments of relaxation... or with your loved ones, enjoying every minute spent on entertainment.

And at the end...

You can give the finished picture to someone who is for you really important - they will surely appreciate the effort you put into making the mosaic!


But what's the matter?

Diamond painting consists in arranging a mosaic of thousands of tiny, colorful diamonds, according to the print on the canvas. The image is covered with an adhesive layer that keeps the crystals in place.

It's amazing fun to watch the matte fabric shine and shimmer with beautiful colors :)

Do you prefer the Eiffel Tower? Or the view of the heavenly beach?

We have dozens of beautiful designs in our assortment. Scroll down to the gallery at the bottom of the offer and choose the graphics you like the most!


Complete painting kit:

Canvas - made of a stiff, durable fabric. On the canvas there are graphics with symbols indicating the places where individual colors should be placed. The whole thing is covered with a layer of special glue secured with a protective foil.

Diamonds - and there are over 11,000 of them. In colors that match the selected image. Each shade is packed in a separate bag and described with numbers, so that laying is simple and pleasant. The kit contains approximately 20 percent more crystals than is actually needed. Just in case you lose a few pieces :)

Accessories for sticking - that is:

  • special "pen" with a tip for easy application of crystals,
  • a plastic tray with special grooves that will make it easier to arrange the diamonds in the right way,
  • silicone glue that will make it easier to transfer the drills to the picture.

Why is it worth choosing ARTULIO branded painting?

1. Don't buy a pig in a poke

When choosing a diamond embroidery set, pay special attention to the dimensions of the field to be glued, not the dimensions of the entire canvas. It is the size of the picture that matters! - no margins, tables and logos. Our descriptions always contain reliable dimensions - both the scheme and the canvas!

2. Eye-catching packaging

Does anyone like to receive gifts in a plastic bag? ... Exactly! ARTULIO brand sets are packed in beautiful blue parchment, which pleases the eye as much as shiny diamonds. Not to mention the kraft, ECO cardboard box...

3. The highest quality print

When laying out diamond embroidery, high-quality execution of the scheme is important. It is thanks to her that laying the mosaic will be easy and pleasant. Our prints are made on professional EPSON plotters. It doesn't get better:)


and three more reasons...

4. Tidiness, that you would like

Two types of bags are used for the production of embroidery: sealed bags, which can be opened only once, and then the crystals fly out of them creating an unnecessary mess, and the ones we use: string bags, which can be opened and closed endlessly! Which do you prefer?

5. Better to have more

You need 14946 diamonds to create a complete diamond painting from this offer. What if a few crystals are lost? Drama!!! But not with ARTULIO. Each bag contains at least a 20% excess of crystals. The set is ready for anything :)

6. MEGA-strong glue

Are you planning to hang pasted diamond painting on the wall? That's great! The glue used in our kits (USA TWIN ADHSIVE) is TURBO durable. Diamonds will shine on your wall for many years. It will be beautiful


User manual:

1. Make yourself comfortable. Many hours of fun await you. Brew some tea and spread the canvas on the table on which your work will be created. Peel off a piece of the protective layer that protects the glue from drying out (we suggest not to tear off the protective film in its entirety and to start sticking from the right side).

2. Find a bag with crystals of the right color. Gently open it (just be careful not to spill the diamonds...they are really small). Pour some beads (not all) into the tray included in the set. Now shake it gently, so that the pebbles will be arranged with the rounded side up, thus facilitating their sticking.

3.> Stick the "pen" into the silicone glue. A little pink substance will remain at its tip, which will hold the diamond on the applicator during transport to the canvas.

4. Now for the best... put the crystal stuck to the pen in the right place. The table that assigns the color to the appropriate symbol is located on both sides of the glued image

Repeat step four several thousand times.

Great fun :)